Pugga Vrat- Mothers fasting for the longevity of their Children

Pugga Vrat is observed on the fourth day of Krishna paksha, (the fading phase of moon) in the month of Magha according to Hindu lunar calendar. Pugga Vrat is also called Sakat Chauth, Ganesh Chauth or Tilkuta Chauth. Lord Ganesha and the Moon God are worshiped on Pugga Vrat. This vrat is mainly observed in North India. A full day fast is observed on this day. Mothers observe fast on this day so th...[Read More]

Makar Sankranti(Khichdi) Celebrations in Jammu

Khichdi (Makar Sankranti) Makar Sankranti is one of the important festivals of India. The word Sankranti is derived from sat and kranti, meaning “Good Movement.” Sankranti means transmigration of Sun from one constellation of the zodiac to another. This festival is associated with nature, season change and agriculture. All the three things are base of life. As the factor of nature, thi...[Read More]


Kyuur Kyuur, prepared with maida, is another authentic dish of Jammu. It is an important item in Dogra weddings and is considered auspicious to fed bridegroom and bride.

What to eat in Udhampur

The road side foods are speciality of Indian cities and reflection of India’s culture and tradition, stall vendors of street offers different kinds of delicious and tasty food.

What to Eat in Jammu

From a food lover’s perspective Jammu has a lot to offer. If you are not a resident of the City, chances are that you are shrugging your shoulders in disapproval. Well, we plan to change all that and bring to the fore some absolutely mouth watering dishes that you must try when you are here the next time. Take it from a food lover, you won’t regret it.