What to Eat in Jammu


You may have heard of the phrase that love makes the world go round. It might be true for some but on behalf of all the foodies everywhere, I beg to differ.

For a food lover it is always food that makes the world go round. On a rainy day we dream of Jalebis and Chai , on a cold winter day hot chocolate makes all the blues go away and in the summers we just cant do without ice cream.

Everything from our dates to travel is somehow planned around the pleasures of the palate. If you relate to all of the above then look no further. You are Home.

From a food lover’s perspective Jammu has a lot to offer.

If you are not a resident of the City, chances are that you are shrugging your shoulders in disapproval. Well, we plan to change all that and bring to the fore some absolutely mouth watering dishes that you must try when you are here the next time. Take it from a food lover, you won’t regret it.

Words are not enough for this legendary combination. When the locals are busy supplying Bhaderwahi/Kishtwari Rajmas and local Basmati rice to their relatives outside the state, they are indulging themselves in the yummy rajmas till their bellies bloat.

rajma chawal-dogra-jammu-sunday-special

Rajma Chawal


While Peeda’s Rajma Chawal remain famous, many local eateries serve this delightful dish.

I have often felt that the name of the dish doesn’t do justice to this heavenly bit of cheese. But as Shakespeare said ages ago , “ What’s in a name!” Made locally , it is difficult to come by authentic Kaladis these days especially in Jammu.



But once you have tasted this beautiful piece of matured cheese, fried in its own fat and served in a kulcha , you’ll forget McDonalds. Big words but trust me they are true..

This gem of a Dogra dish is often neglected which is very unfortunate.

Khatta meat is a Mutton cooked in a tamarind based curry and smoked with coal. Its distinct smoky flavor will have you coming back for more.

If you are a street food lover and wont mind eating from a dhaba, then Paras Ram in Panjtirthi has been serving this beautiful dish for decades.

Paras Ram Dhabba-Dogra Ethni Food-Panjtirth-Jammu-Khatta Meat-Yakhni-Jakhni-Rogan Josh

Paras Ram Dhaba

However if you prefer something a little sophisticated, Jammu Darbar too has this dish on its menu.

Read more about Paras Ram Dhaba

For all the vegetarians out there Dal Madra is a palatable offering from the rich dogra cuisine. You’ll never look at dal the same way after your taste buds have been spoiled by this royal dish cooked with cashews and other dry fruits.

Unfortunately there are no restaurants offering this dish which is cooked in every Dogra household.But if you have a friend here, invite yourself. You would want to.

The entire country eats Channa Bhature but in Jammu we eat it with a twist. That twist is called ‘Auriya’. It is a mustard sauce with dices of potatoes having a tangy flavor.



It is a dish unique to Jammu and many famous eateries in Jammu region serve Auriya with Channe Bathure.

The Kashmiri cuisine is a non vegetarian’s dream come true. If all you want to have in Jammu are some good hearty, meaty dishes then head straight to Residency Eoad and find yourself lost in the aromas of Seekh Kababs and Tikkas.

Rista, which is basically spicy meat ball dish cooked in a rich gravy is a must have, followed by Tabak Maaz which are fried ribs.

Anyone who lives in Jammu city needs no explanation why this beverage is included. Patel Bazar ( previously Fattu Choughan ) is house to the famous Banta shop where you can quench your thirst with these delicious lemon soda drinks.


These delicious Daal Vade(commonly known as ‘Palle’) are a specialty of Samba and you can taste them enroute Jammu. Served with spicy radish chutney they are the ideal snack.


Sambe de Palle

However if you cant go to Samba, take heart. Just ask for the Vada shop in Parade/Moti Bazaar of the old city and eat to your heart’s content.

vade-moti bazar-Gurgule-Vade-Jammu-Dogra-Cuisine-Food


What’s so special about Pakodas? Travel to this place to find out and you’ll know. If these hot Paneer Pakodas don’t make your day, nothing will.

This article would be incomplete without mentioning anything that satisfies our sweet tooth. If you have ever been to Purani Mandi you might have noticed the hustle and bustle in a shop nearby serving kulfi.

If you are more into hot sweets then we recommend the Gulab Jamun by Bansi Sweet shop near the Devi’s temple in Pacca danga. And of course, Pahalwan’s Motichoor ke Laddus or Apsara Road ki Jalebi are to die for.

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