Pickles of Jammu

Jammu offers a wide variety of pickles. Most common of the Indian pickles are the Mango Pickle and the lemon pickle, but Jammu boasts of authentic pickles that are made from vegetables like like Mango, Lemon, Kadam (कड़म), Kasrod(कसरोड़), Nandru (नन्दड़ू), Lasooda (लसूड़ा ), Tyou(ट्यौऊ), Tarad(तलड), Gargal(गरगल), Jimikand(जीमिकंद), Green and Red chillies, Potatoes, Radish, Carrot, Beans and list goes ...[Read More]

Valour of Dogras and their love for Food

Dogras, known for fighting to the last man standing in the battle front, also relish their food to the last bite. Fond of eating plateful of freshly cooked delicacies along with seasonal pickles, mainly of fresh vegetables, the Dogras have created a space for their traditional cuisine,cooked in desi ghee, and rich in aroma, taste and nutritional value.

Wafling Aroma of Dogra Delicacies

The wafting aroma of delicacies is so innate to any festive ambience as the candlelight dinner amid soft music being one of the picture-perfect imageries to the feeling of romance. Like elsewhere in the world, the festival time is the perfect time to rejoice, to reinvigorate the pooped spirits by drenching them in celebrations with the family and friends over an exotic blend of traditional mout...[Read More]