Pizza Hut Canal Road - Review

Pizza hut is known for the best pizzas but this one will disappoint you. Service is ok, not so good which you usually experience at pizza hut outlets, anyway.

The staff doesn’t look professional as it should be.

I and my friend ordered Fun meal for 2 in which you get 1 medium pizza, 1 garlic bread and 2 Cold Drinks. After few minutes, the staff served us with cold drinks which hardly tasted like one and was like more water/ice and less coke. And when we complained about it, they replaced it. We ignored it thinking of it as a mistake.

And then after sometime, waiter served us pizza. It was one of the worst pizzas I ever had in my life (especially at Pizza Hut). Cheese was more like rubber, and the bread was so dry that it wasn’t an easy job to gulp it down.

And then we got our garlic bread. This bread was so disgusting that even words are less to describe it. It was more like a simple bread and some butter applied on it and then heated over a ‘tawa’ and then some ‘rubber’ cheese grated over it. YUCK!!

And this was the first outlet where we got Pizza before Garlic Bread 🙂

Honestly, I would never visit Pizza Hut in Jammu again!

Dont Forget to Write your Reviews and give ratings. Would love to know about your experiences/stories.


  • Tastes bad
  • Staff not Professional


Pizza Taste - 4
Garlic Bread Taste - 3
Service - 6
Ambience - 7
Atmosphere - 7
Value for Money - 5

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