What to eat in Udhampur


The road side foods are speciality of Indian cities and reflection of India’s culture and tradition, stall vendors of street offers different kinds of delicious and tasty food.

If you want to have Kaladi, you have to come to Udhampur. Ramnagar town of Udhampur district is known for producing the best Kaladis. These days Kaladi is also available in Delhi, just for the namesake, but it lacks the real taste which only Udhampur can offer. Singh Cafeteria at Gole Market is one of the most famous eatery in Udhampur.

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Nutri/Chhole Kulcha is a very famous snack. Be it any college student or´a school going kid or a daily wager or an old uncle, everyone just relishes the taste of this snack. This Nutri/Chhole Kulcha in Jammu region reminds me of Vada Pav in Maharashtra, everyone is just crazy for it.

In my opinion, in Udhampur, Nandu ka Kulcha near SBI Bank is the best in town. In our times, Mame Ka Kulcha near Devika was quite famous and still is but somehow it lacks the original taste. Though you will find heavy rush at almost every Kulcha wala in the town.

Aloo Tikki of Mehra at Dabbad, Gole Market is just out of the world. I had this snack in many parts of India, but ‘Mehre ki tikki’ is just out of the world.

And with this you can also have Gulab Jamun here, the softest Gulab Jamun you will ever have. The only sad thing is that, this Aloo Tikki is available only in winters.


Golgappas of Ramnagar in Udhampur district are most famous. Almost every golgappa wala in Udhampur is from Ramnagar (Try asking any Golgappa wala in Udhampur or Jammu 😉 ).

Golgappa walas are present in abundance in Udhampur. You take a walk of around 200 metres, you will find another. The taste varies from Rehdi to Rehdi but you will love the taste of all. However,  Channi de Golgappe near Pandav Mandir in Udhampur are quite famous.


‘Pandav mandir de Kachalu’ are quite famous in the whole town. Normally, you can find couples enjoying this delicious item together.

In earlier times, Kachalu used to be served in the leaves of Banyan tree which added even more taste to the dish. Still remember one plate (dunna in dogri) of Kachalu was available in 1 Re or 50 paise and now the normal plate is available at Rs 15.

Gurgule-MatthiSewaiya- Main Bazar-Udhampur


Momos are tasty dumplings made in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, though not many eateries serve non-veg momos here. These have, of late, become the darling snack of Udhampur residents. From birthdays to kitti parties, momos are now amongst the favourites of Udhampuris.

Every housing area and market place has a vendor selling momos now a days. But the momos of Adarsh Colony are the most famous, be it of Rinku’s or Swastik’s, people are seen thronging the streets of Adarsh Colony especially the tuition going kids.

Soya Chaamp, enriched with proteins, is both appealing and appetizing. It is quite famous among Dogra households and an important item in weddings. But wasn’t available commercially, now finally it has joined the stree food bandwagon.

Few years back, a vendor started selling Veg Champ at Ramnagar Chowk, has also gained lot of popularity. Now many other rehdi wallahs have started selling it.

Just like Mehre ki hot steamy Aloo ki Tikkis with Garam gulab Jamun in the chilling cold winters of Udhampur makes you forget the chilliness of winter for a while. In summers, you will get Lachhe wali Kulfi/Badam Milk.


  1. Nostalgic!!

    I miss Udhampur specially Singh ki Kalari aur Mame da Kulcha.

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