The Grandstand

The Grandstand, sports theme based Restaurant, that is likely to give you a memorable dining experience. The grandstand not just about filling your big fat tummies, here you can also burn calories a bit by playing snooker, indoor soccer and others.

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Smoke de Phatte

If you are looking for fire, grill, live kitchen and smoky dishes, this is the place to be in. It is the newly opened restaurant in Channi Himmat area of Jammu City. Good Restaurant with a variety on the platter to offer.

Smoke de Phatte Review

Raghunath Bazar de Rajma Chawal

Banwari Lal de Rajma Chawal te Rajma Kulcha   It is located in Raghunath Bazar, serving Rajma Chawal and Rajma Kulcha since decades. One of the famous food join in Jammu.   Also Read: What to eat in Jammu

Thali Unlimited

Thali Unlimited, one of its first kind of restaurant in Jammu which offers unlimited food and traditional Dogri Food. Must Visit!

Ahoi Ashtami celebrated across Jammu Region

Ahoi ashtami celebrated across Jammu region by Mothers for the well being of their children. Ahoi Ashtami fast, is observed by mothers for prosperity of their Children. This Day is Dedicated to goddess Ahoi Mata, falls on the Ashtami (eighth day) of Kartik month.. This festival marks the beginning of Diwali. The Story of Ahoi Ashtami relates to a woman who lived in a village with her seven sons. D...[Read More]

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Kulth da Ambal

Kulth da Ambal Ambal, a khatta-meetha-teekha special, is unique to Dogra households in Jammu region and is a must during all festivities. Kaddu da ambal Aaloo da Ambal Kachaloo da Ambal Kulth da ambal Ambal is prepared from tamarind and jaggery. Smoky flavour( ) enhances the taste of this authentic Dogra dish.