Lazeez Restaurant - Review

Wrote this review long time back, now it lacks quality food and very slow service. A Big Disappointment. Changed ratings, but not review

Lazeez-located on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway near Domail, Udhampur. After a long time a new and good quality restaurant opens up in Udhampur.

Sitting area is little Congested, Good service and tasty food. And this is the first restaurant where I had tandoori momos so it deserve a special mention. It was good not exceptional.

Lazeez Shawarma Indian Kitchen- Udhampur Restaurant

Tandoori Momos

I also had Tandoori Chicken which was good and then we had Paneer Malai Tikka which was ok. And to our surprise just these three items were too heavy for me and my cousin’s big tummies 😀

Lazeez Shawarma Indian Kitchen- Udhampur Restaurant

Paneer Malai Tikka

Restaurants in Udhampur usually lacks good service and the staff is usually not courteous. After Singh Axis, this is the second restaurant in Udhampur where the staff is courteous (Lets see if it remains so for long or degrade their service with time).

Dont Forget to Write your Reviews and give ratings. Would love to know about your experiences/stories.


  • Congested
  • Slow Service
  • Lacks Taste


Food - 6
Service - 1
Ambience - 5
Atmosphere - 4
Value for Money - 2

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  1. Its Good…Specially the non veg


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