Kathi Junction, Gandhi Nagar - Review

Kathi Junction is having two outlets in Jammu, one is at Canal Road and the other one is here at Gandhinagar.

Kathi Junction offers a wide variety of veg/non-veg rolls and rumali rotis. You can also have kababs and shakes over here.

The authentic Kathi Roll is a preparation which has the power to mesmerise the taste buds of foodies from anywhere and everywhere in the country.  A Kathi Roll has been known to be conceptualised way back in the British era when people wanted to grab a bite of some tasty food while on a go. With time, the product passed on in the hands of chefs from various locations and kept on improving.

As per their website Kathi Junction is the biggest Kathi Roll & Shawarma company selling over 5000 Rolls & 2000 Shawarma everyday and Company has developed its own range of spices.

Shawarma Roll and Veg Champ roll is the best here. The staff is always courteous and polite and service is good.

They dont mind changing the ingredients of roll with no extra cost if you ask them to do so. I was a big fan of rolls in Pune and the rolls available there were comparatively lot cheaper(with no compromise on quality) than what you get over here.

Detailed Review of Kathi Junction, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu by the author of PetBharlo will be uploaded soon here.

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  • Rolls are ok ok
  • Wide Range of Rolls
  • Hospitable Staff


  • Costly
  • No Special Sauces available which you usually get with rolls in other parts of country


Food - 7
Service - 8
Ambience - 6
Atmosphere - 7.5
Value for Money - 5

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